Reduced support hours (July 21 - July 28)

Away on holiday for the week, response times will be longer. Urgent issues should see usual response times! Thank you for your patience while I take a well-deserved break.

Event last updated on 14th July at 9:29PM

Everything is A-OK

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Our monitoring system is keeping a close eye on everything, any problems and it will automatically notify us to investigate

GalaxyMC Hosting website & infrastructure used by clients

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Healthy99.78%(IN-HOUSE) Mail Server
Healthy100.00%(CLIENT) US Minecraft 1
Healthy100.00%(CLIENT) US Webserver
Healthy99.83%(CLIENT+IN-HOUSE) UK MySQL Database
Healthy99.82%Billing Portal
Healthy99.78%Database Control Panel
Healthy99.79%E-Mail Control Panel
Healthy99.74%Minecraft Control Panel

GalaxyMC website & miscellaneous services

Healthy100.00%Discord Bot
Healthy99.82%Discord Ticket Bot
Healthy100.00%Public API
Healthy98.04%Status Page